Insulating mat MS-1
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The MS-1 insulating mat is a simple solution to a problem faced by anyone who has conducted tactical operations at least once and was forced to sit down in random terrain. In such a situation, the cold from the ground (especially when wet) causes great discomfort. The remedy for this is the MS-1 insulating mat, which, thanks to its simple structure, minimal weight and optimally selected dimensions, is easy to transport and always at hand. The mat is carried under the lower edge of the equipment. When it is time to use, simply undo the buckle, and the mat unfolds.
Made from cordura.
- length: 41 cm- width: 36 cm
M-Tac 280 ml Insulated Mug with a lid
M-Tac insulated mug is made of stainless steel, so it has a strong and durable construction. Double-wall vacuum technology does not allow the drink to cool down, and the outer walls to heat up. Therefore, with this mug, you don’t have to be afraid of burns. The lid has special holes for drinking. This allows you to drink your favorite drinks without removing the lid and the drink keeps the temperature longer. The mug has powder-coated outer walls which allows you to get rid of glare, which will be interesting to both hunters and the military.
Color: Olive
Capacity: 280 ml
Height: 88 mm
Diameter: 75mm
Weight:120 grams
Material:201 Stainless Steel
M-Tac 2L Hydration Bladder
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  2L hydration bladder from M-Tac brand. A very useful purchase for people who lead an active lifestyle, and like walking, hiking or cycling. Manufacturing material - PEVA . The reservoir is equipped with a removable hose with an integrated bite valve.
Dimensions: 25 x 7.7 cm
Material: PEVA
M-Tac Alder Camouflage Suit Multicam
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The designers from M-Tac have developed the "Alder" suit, which is intended for camouflage on rough terrain. This model is suitable for snipers and helps to remain unnoticed during combat missions. The suit is sewn with a wavy neckline using laser cut technology, which breaks the natural lines of the human silhouette. Lightweight rip-stop material (100% nylon) ensures high resistance to tears and durability of the product. The camouflage suit consists of two parts: a jacket with sleeves and a hood, and a two-layer detachable cape that serves as a cloak and allows you to disguise weapons, if necessary. The lining of the jacket is made of a nylon mesh with the colour specially selected for maximum similarity with the landscape. The removable cape is attached to the base with 3 buttons. To ma
M-Tac army compass
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M-Tac compass on a folding frame (a cover with a sight and a base on which the capsule with a dial and an arrow rotate s.) The frame is used to set the azimuth. The azimuth is taken as follows: we direct the long side of the compass to the reference point, turn the capsule with the limb so that the north of the arrow coincides with the north on the limb. Using the serif at the end of the frame turned to the landmark, we read the numerical value of the azimuth. To do this, in this compass, instead of the usual lens on a folding frame (The lens is embedded directly into the frame) And on the welt of the limb, degrees are applied, so that the work with the compass becomes more comfortable. Also, the compass is equipped with a liquid level and a calculation table on the bottom of the frame. 
M-Tac Flask/Bottle Pouch Elite MOLLE
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M-Tac multi-purpose carrier for flask / bottle Elite thanks features elastic side ties that make it suitable for carrying not only flasks and bottles, but also any items of similar size. MOLLE fastener allows you to carry it on any gear items equipped with MOLLE platforms. Material: 500 CORDURA Mounting system: MOLLE
M-Tac Folding Shovel With Case Olive
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The M-Tac folding shovel is handy and practical in camping conditions . This tool can be used as a shovel and as a hoe. It is an exceptional instrument. Includes a shovel carry case. Position: - Folded - The blade is fixed at a right angle to the handle in the form of a scoop - The usual shovel Dimensions: - Blade: 22 x 15.5 cm - Closed lenght: 24 cm - Open lenght: 59 cm Material: Carbon steel 1050 (42-46 HRC) Handle: Foldable, plastic Features: -Easy and silently folds and unfolds -Includes a shovel carry case for safe transportation and storage Cover material: 600D Polyester coated with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
M-Tac Poncho
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A copy of an American poncho made by the M-Tac brand. Material - 100% polyamide. Fabric - Rip-Stop. Complete set - poncho and cover. The product itself has universal functionality. It can be used as outerwear in the form of a raincoat, awning or tent - a temporary shelter. The product has buttons, eyelets, tension ropes.


100% polyamide is a synthetic fiber with functional properties. It is a light, breathable, quick-drying and abrasion-resistant fabric that holds its shape perfectly and does not require special care.


210 x 145 cm

M-Tac Stainless Thermos with folding spoon 750 ml
The M-Tac 750 ml Thermos with Folding Spoon is a durable thermos that combines great performance with a modern stylish design. Double walls made of high-quality stainless steel guarantee excellent thermal insulation, so the contents will remain hot for quite a long time. Its design is highly durable and looks great, so this model will come in handy not only for tourist trips but also for everyday use. The capacity of 0.75 liters is enough to provide hot food to a company of several people.
Features: Food thermos with insulating cup and folding spoon