M-Tac Pistol Belt
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
M-Tac nylon belt with plastic buckle . The advantage of this belt is the fact that it’s possible to open the buckle with one hand - which theoretically enables a wounded soldier to independently get rid of unnecessary pieces of gear. This belt is a replica of the belt that was part of the American BSS ( Belt Shoulder System ), known as A.L.I.C.E . (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment), which was adopted by the US Army in early 80 's . It can also serve as a simple belt, even if you do not have any pouches. Just keep in mind, that this belt is a bit wider, than regular trouser belts ( 5.5cm ), so check the size of your trouser loops before buying. Material: 100% polyester Belt Width: 5.5 cm
M-Tac Berg Buckle Tactical Belt
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
M-Tac Berg Buckle Tactical Belt is a quick-release trouser belt. The belt has a secure fixation of the equipment, as well as the ability to quickly unfasten. The fabric of this tactical belt is made of high-strength nylon. Width: 40mm Fittings: WOOJIN Features: - customizable - reliable fixation of equipment during high-speed movements - the ability to quickly unfasten and dump clothes - no stretching and sagging when wearing an extended set of equipment - fast adjustment
M-Tac Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt Gen.II
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The military tactical belt is ideal for military personnel , practical shooters and those who lead an active lifestyle. The Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt can be used as a tactical pant or pistol belt. This accessory consists of an inner ( 40mm ) and outer ( 25mm ) nylon webbing, making it quite sturdy. The outer strap features a molle interface that allows you to securely attach additional equipment to the belt. Fastens with a black Cobra 25mm military-grade buckle from Austrialpin, which can withstand even the most extreme loads. It closes quickly and can be easily unfastened by simultaneously pressing the side latches. The free edge of the strap is secured with Velcro. This product is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage.