IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit
Delivery 2-3 working days
Individual First Aid Kit - a personal first aid kit containing items to treat potentially fatal injuries

The kit includes:

Bleeding arresting (haemostatic) dressing-Medclot
Tourniquet-Tourniquet LTQ1.0
Nasopharyngeal tube with lubricant 1pc
Decompression needle 1pc
Eye protection cap 1pc
TCCC victim card 1pc
Occlusive chest dressing 2pcs
Compression bandage (Israeli) 1 pc
Limb immobilisation splint 1pc
Nitrile gloves, dark 2 pairs
Sterile dressing - wide 1pc
Sterile dressing for swabbing 1pc
Sterile abdominal dressing 1pc
Elastic bandage 1pc
Triangular bandage - scarf 1pc
Bandage for splint 1pc
Alcohol antiseptic wipes 4pcs
Gel for burns 1pc
Tear-off patch 1pc
Trauma scissors 1pc
Non-washable marker 1pc
First aid blanket 1pc
Duck tape 1pc
Bag - MOLLE clip or attachment
Tourniquet LTQ 1.0
Delivery 2-3 working days
Tourniquet LTQ 1.0 - made in Lithuania
The product is ISO 14001/13485 certified. Also, the NSN code of the "Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of Defense, Military Standardization and National Codification Office" (6515-47-001-1230) was issued.
·Fast application
·Bullet Proof Quality
·Polyester belt-93cm long and 4cm wide
·Durable platform-Flexible 5cm wide platform
·Fixation triangle-Made from PA6 GF30 plastic. Has special ‘hooks’ used for fixating the end of the belt
·Hook&loop tape-Dense texture allows for extremelly strong grip
·Marking tape-Made from reflective material
·UHMWPE tape-Extremly strong inner tape used for tightening. Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is able to handle several tonnes of pressure
BurnTec Hydrogel Burn Dressing
Delivery 2-3 working days
BurnTec® hydrogel dressing: effective burn care
BurnTec® hydrogel dressing guarantees even coverage and distribution of cooling activity over the entire burn surface, even in the most severe injuries. Due to its stable hydrogel structure, this dressing is extremely effective. BurnTec® hydrogel dressings are widely used by emergency medical services, fire brigades and the military, and are therefore often included in first aid kits.
BurnTec hydrogel burn dressing can be used in various situations:

1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns
Sun burns
Scratches and skin irritations
Swelling and insect bites
Other skin lesions

BurnTec® Specifications:

Effective heat removal and cooling: Relieves pain and reduces inflammation.
Removal of wound exudate: Together with the dressing, wound exudate is removed, reducing the risk of infection.
Protection against wound desiccation: Protects against scab formation and external contamination.
Reducing the risk of scarring: Immediate dressing reduces the risk of hypertrophic scarring.
Painless changing: Changing the dressing is completely painless as it does not stick to the wound.

BurnTec® dressings are a modern and effective choice for burn care, providing quick and reliable help in various trauma situations.
Hemostatic Dressing ChitoGauze® XR Pro
Delivery 2-3 working days
Hemostatic Dressing ChitoGauze XR Pro - Effective Bleeding Control
Hemostatic bandage ChitoGauze XR Pro is a high-quality medical gauze impregnated with chitosan and folded according to the principle of the letter Z. Chitosan, a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide, gives the gauze special hemostatic properties that help effectively control bleeding.
The chitosan coating on the gauze ensures optimal interaction between chitosan and blood, allowing for effective reduction of blood loss. The structure of the gauze and the impregnation with chitosan provide a physical barrier that helps the dressing to adapt to the shape of the wound and effectively control bleeding. This mechanism supports local coagulation, allowing rapid stopping of bleeding, regardless of the blood coagulation cascade.
Main features:

Rapid hemostasis: ChitoGauze XR Pro stops bleeding from slow blood seepage to major arterial bleeding in minutes
Reliable: Proven battlefield effectiveness in trauma, providing rapid and effective bleeding control
Ease of use: Intuitive application and removal allows quick and efficient use of the dressing in difficult situations
Safe: ChitoGauze XR Pro does not contain coagulants, so it works independently of the blood coagulation cascade
Effective bleeding control: Chitosan helps reduce blood loss and supports local coagulation
Adaptation to wounds: The dressing is easily adapted to wound surfaces with complex geometry
High quality: Strong and evenly applied chitosan coating ensures optimal performance

ChitoGauze XR Pro is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective solution for bleeding control in emergency or combat situations.
Occlusive chest wound dressing H*VENT
Delivery 2-3 working days
Like the world-class Bolin Chest Seal Chest Wound Dressing, the patented design of the H*VENT Chest Wound Dressing reduces pressure in an open chest wound caused by air (pneumothorax) or body fluid (hemothorax) in the chest cavity.
The main feature of H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest Dressing is that it is a unique multidirectional ventilated dressing. This design allows liquids to "drain under gravity." This is important because in this case the victim may be transported lying on his side.
The bandage design helps prevent occlusion. The construction provides a protective, secure system with 6 air vents. Even if 5 of them become blocked, ventilation will not be interrupted.
The unique design of the dome membrane ensures a complete seal around the wound and reduces the risk of air or fluid alternative pathways.
The large transparent central part of the H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest Dressing allows visual observation of the wound. The dome-shaped design of the central part allows you to immediately notice whether air or fluid is escaping from the chest cavity (the dome rises) or not (the dressing presses against the wound during suction).
Tests have shown that the bandage remains tight during inhalation by maintaining a sustained negative pressure (below ambient pressure) in the pleural cavity.
NSN: 6510-01-671-7225
Tourniquet CAT Gen 7
Delivery 2-3 working days
The time-tested "Combat Application Tourniquet" tourniquet of American manufacturers C.A.T. gen 7, is one of the most popular and most tested in real conditions. An 85% reduction in mortality in massive extremity bleeding and 100% product reliability under all conditions make this tourniquet one of the most popular on the market.
Perfect for complementing the car and office first aid kit.
Despite the excellent research results and advanced technology of the previous generation of C.A.T. in turnstiles, updated, 7th generation, improved even more:
A single-loop buckle provides faster and easier application of the tourniquet with either one or both hands.
The grinding mill is stronger, thicker and more reliable than previous generations. Notches at the ends of the grinder ensure better fixation of the tourniquet.
The locking loops of the grinder are stronger than in previous generations, the possible locking on both sides ensures convenient use of the tourniquet with both hands.
Loop fixing strip - updated colors and more durable. The gray splava is less conspicuous in a tactical situation, which helps to remain more inconspicuous.
Stabilizing plate - a more comfortable, reinforced plate causes less discomfort to the victim.
Internal tourniquet band - the freely moving and uniform pressure inner band of the tourniquet results in 100% reliability in every situation.
NSN: 6515-01-521-7976
CE marking

Color black