Helmet covers

M-Tac Vilha Helmet Cover Fast
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The Vilha cover from M-Tac is designed specifically for all types of FAST helmets. This model is designed for camouflage on rugged terrain and protects from external contaminents . Made of Cordura 500D - a high-quality material that guarantees a long service life. The outer part of the cover is made with a wavy cut using Laser Cut technology, breaking the spherical shape of the helmet. The cover allows you to attach additional means of camouflage and is easily attached to the helmet with Velcro straps. A special elastic Shock Cord is provided on the lower edge, which helps to fix and adjust the fit of the cover to the helmet. The easy-to-remove cover on the Vilkha helmet is perfect for military personnel, employees of various military units
M-Tac Vilha cover sticker set (5pc)
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
This set of Velcro stickers is designed to attach the M-Taс Vilha cover to the inside of your helmet. The velcro stickers can also be attached to a phone, tablet or any other hard surface. High-quality 3M adhesive backing is highly resistant to peeling, moisture or deformation, which contributes to long-term use. With a set of M-Tac velcro stickers you can attach your favorite patches anywhere you like.
M-Tac Helmet Cover Shroud
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The helmet cover from M-Tac is designed specifically for the TOR-D helmet or its equivalents. The cover is designed for camouflage in rough terrain and protects well from external influences. It also has cutouts that provide access to mount a PNV. The main part of the cover is sewn from a special mesh that provides good tension. Inserts made of Cordura 500D guarantee protection against mechanical damage and a long service life. The cover easily attaches to a helmet and is equipped with Velcro panels (on the sides, back and top) for IDs, beacons and various patches. Special straps along the cover allow you to conveniently attach cords or additional camouflage. This easily removable helmet cover will appeal to fans of modern tactical equipment.