Occlusive chest wound dressing H*VENT
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Occlusive chest wound dressing H*VENT

Like the world-class Bolin Chest Seal Chest Wound Dressing, the patented design of the H*VENT Chest Wound Dressing reduces pressure in an open chest wound caused by air (pneumothorax) or body fluid (hemothorax) in the chest cavity.

The main feature of H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest Dressing is that it is a unique multidirectional ventilated dressing. This design allows liquids to "drain under gravity." This is important because in this case the victim may be transported lying on his side.

The bandage design helps prevent occlusion. The construction provides a protective, secure system with 6 air vents. Even if 5 of them become blocked, ventilation will not be interrupted.

The unique design of the dome membrane ensures a complete seal around the wound and reduces the risk of air or fluid alternative pathways.

The large transparent central part of the H*VENT Laminar Vented Chest Dressing allows visual observation of the wound. The dome-shaped design of the central part allows you to immediately notice whether air or fluid is escaping from the chest cavity (the dome rises) or not (the dressing presses against the wound during suction).

Tests have shown that the bandage remains tight during inhalation by maintaining a sustained negative pressure (below ambient pressure) in the pleural cavity.

NSN: 6510-01-671-7225

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