M-Tac army compass
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M-Tac army compass

M-Tac compass on a folding frame (a cover with a sight and a base on which the capsule with a dial and an arrow rotates.) The frame is used to set the azimuth. The azimuth is taken as follows: we direct the long side of the compass to the reference point, turn the capsule with the limb so that the north of the arrow coincides with the north on the limb. Using the serif at the end of the frame turned to the landmark, we read the numerical value of the azimuth. 


     And on the welt of the limb, degrees are applied, so that the work with the compass becomes more comfortable. Also, the compass is equipped with a liquid level and a calculation table on the bottom of the frame. With a ruler on one side of the frame, this compass is more advanced and easier to use than its predecessors.

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