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Insulating mat MS-1
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The MS-1 insulating mat is a simple solution to a problem faced by anyone who has conducted tactical operations at least once and was forced to sit down in random terrain. In such a situation, the cold from the ground (especially when wet) causes great discomfort. The remedy for this is the MS-1 insulating mat, which, thanks to its simple structure, minimal weight and optimally selected dimensions, is easy to transport and always at hand. The mat is carried under the lower edge of the equipment. When it is time to use, simply undo the buckle, and the mat unfolds.
Made from cordura.
- length: 41 cm- width: 36 cm
The design of the radio pouch provides access to the main controls of the portable radio station (PTT button, channel and sound switches). The PTT button and the radio station microphone remain uncovered, which enables you to use the radio station without a headset. The pouch is compatible with almost any models of professional radios: such as Kenwood K2AT, K4AT, TH-F5 .
Mounting system: MOLLE
Hardware: 2 M
Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 cm
Material: Cordura
M-Tac 2L Hydration Bladder
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  2L hydration bladder from M-Tac brand. A very useful purchase for people who lead an active lifestyle, and like walking, hiking or cycling. Manufacturing material - PEVA . The reservoir is equipped with a removable hose with an integrated bite valve.
Dimensions: 25 x 7.7 cm
Material: PEVA
M-Tac Balaclava Elite Fleece
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Fleece balaclava for cool, windless weather from the domestic manufacturer M-Tac. Product material - 100% polyester. Warm, elastic enough, removes moisture well and dries quickly. Can be used as a helmet, hat, half mask or scarf-pipe. Due to its elasticity, it will fit any size of an adult man's head. Material 100% polyester 
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IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a personal first aid kit that includes tools to treat potentially fatal injuries as quickly as possible.

The set consists of:
  1x Haemostatic dressing
  2x Occlusive thoracic bandage
  1x turnstile
  1x compression bandage (Israeli)
  1x Gel for burns
  1x Nasopharyngeal tube
  1x Compression bandage
  1x Cursor
  1x Peelable patch, 1 roll
  1x First aid blanket
  1x Elastic bandage
  1x Medical scissors
  1x Splint
  1x Compression for burns
  1x Absorbent dry napkin
  2x Disinfecting wipe
  1x Triangle bandage
  1x Medium bandage
  1x Basket for all items (pouch)
RAROG pouch (cargo) Ranger green MOLLE
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1. Designed for the carriage of small loads, ammunition, night vision devices - 4 AKM / AK-74 trays can be transported.
2. There is a zipped pocket inside.
3. An optional Velcro closure
4. There is a drainage opening at the bottom of the bag.

Pouch (cargo) Ranger green
Material: Cordura.
Mounting: MOLLE.
Size: 230 * 115 mm.

M-Tac backpack cover
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M-Tac Raincover backpack cover for rain and snow protection. The cover has a water-repellent coating.

M suitable for backpacks up to 40 liters;
L suitable for backpacks up to 60 liters

Material: Nylon with PU coating
M-Tac Mag pouch "Kolchan" for AK/AR mini MOLLE
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The M-TAC Mini Pouch is a functional item of equipment designed for reliable fixing and carrying the magazine. Made of high-quality fabric Cordura 1000D - high durability fabrics, resistant to abrasion and heavy loads. The side walls are inserts made of impact-resistant plastic, thanks to which the magazine is attached. The MOLLE system is located on the front panel, which allows you to connect additional equipment. This model is compatible with AK and AR type magazines. The shortened height of the pouch means that most of the magazine remains open, which significantly speeds up its recharging. The mini "Quiver" easily attached to equipment or a tactical belt and is perfect for all fans of sport shooting.
M-Tac Tactical Belt Scout
Product available with different options
M-Tac tactical belt with shoulder straps Scout is made of durable cordura with a density of 1000D. The manufacturer is the well-known Ukrainian brand M-Tac. This shoulder-strap system allows you to fix pouches and other equipment with a MOLLE interface.
S 86-96cm;
M 96-106cm;
L 106-116cm;
Color - Ranger green
Material - cordura 1000D
Polyart nylon thread
Width - 10 cm
Fittings 2M
Manufacturer - M-Tac
Mag pouch FP762
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FP762 pouch designed for AK47 / 74 / BERYL rifle magazines. Open pouch for quick magazine retrieval. The magazine inside the pouch is held by an interwoven elastic cord that covers the pouch. Additionally, there is anti-slip material inside the pouch. In the case of highly dynamic actions, the pouch has a puller that protects the magazine from falling out. The sides of the pouch are made of plastic, trimmed with a tape.The pouch mounting system is based on interwoven straps, which ensures its secure and stable mounting on tactical vests, belts, thigh panels and other equipment.
FP762 pouch color Ranger green

The pouch has the following dimensions:
- width: 7 cm- height: 13.5 cm- thickness: 3 cm
M-Tac army compass
M-Tac compass on a folding frame (a cover with a sight and a base on which the capsule with a dial and an arrow rotates.) The frame is used to set the azimuth. The azimuth is taken as follows: we direct the long side of the compass to the reference point, turn the capsule with the limb so that the north of the arrow coincides with the north on the limb. Using the serif at the end of the frame turned to the landmark, we read the numerical value of the azimuth. 
     And on the welt of the limb, degrees are applied, so that the work with the compass becomes more comfortable. Also, the compass is equipped with a liquid level and a calculation table on the bottom of the frame. With a ruler on one side of the frame, this compass is more advanced and easier to use than its predecessors.