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MIWO MILITARY Insulating mat MS-1
Delivery 2-3 working days
The MS-1 insulating mat is a simple solution to a problem faced by anyone who has conducted tactical operations at least once and was forced to sit down in random terrain. In such a situation, the cold from the ground (especially when wet) causes great discomfort. The remedy for this is the MS-1 insulating mat, which, thanks to its simple structure, minimal weight and optimally selected dimensions, is easy to transport and always at hand. The mat is carried under the lower edge of the equipment. When it is time to use, simply undo the buckle, and the mat unfolds.
Made from cordura.
- length: 41 cm- width: 36 cm
Tourniquet LTQ 1.0
Delivery 2-3 working days
Tourniquet LTQ 1.0 - made in Lithuania
The product is ISO 14001/13485 certified. Also, the NSN code of the "Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of Defense, Military Standardization and National Codification Office" (6515-47-001-1230) was issued.
·Fast application
·Bullet Proof Quality
·Polyester belt-93cm long and 4cm wide
·Durable platform-Flexible 5cm wide platform
·Fixation triangle-Made from PA6 GF30 plastic. Has special ‘hooks’ used for fixating the end of the belt
·Hook&loop tape-Dense texture allows for extremelly strong grip
·Marking tape-Made from reflective material
·UHMWPE tape-Extremly strong inner tape used for tightening. Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is able to handle several tonnes of pressure
IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit
Delivery 2-3 working days
Individual First Aid Kit - a personal first aid kit containing items to treat potentially fatal injuries

The kit includes:

Bleeding arresting (haemostatic) dressing-Medclot
Tourniquet-Tourniquet LTQ1.0
Nasopharyngeal tube with lubricant 1pc
Decompression needle 1pc
Eye protection cap 1pc
TCCC victim card 1pc
Occlusive chest dressing 2pcs
Compression bandage (Israeli) 1 pc
Limb immobilisation splint 1pc
Nitrile gloves, dark 2 pairs
Sterile dressing - wide 1pc
Sterile dressing for swabbing 1pc
Sterile abdominal dressing 1pc
Elastic bandage 1pc
Triangular bandage - scarf 1pc
Bandage for splint 1pc
Alcohol antiseptic wipes 4pcs
Gel for burns 1pc
Tear-off patch 1pc
Trauma scissors 1pc
Non-washable marker 1pc
First aid blanket 1pc
Duck tape 1pc
Bag - MOLLE clip or attachment
M-Tac Mag pouch "Kolchan" for AK/AR MOLLE
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
M-Taс mag pouch “Kolchan” was created in collaboration with Balistyka. Made of high-quality fabric Cordura 1000D - high durability fabrics, resistant to abrasion and heavy loads. The side walls are inserts made of impact-resistant plastic, thanks to which the magazine is attached. The MOLLE system is located on the front panel, which allows you to connect additional equipment. This model is compatible with AK-47, AKM, AK74 and AR type magazines. Compact size allows you to easily place three or more pouches on the equipment, depending on the size of a plate carrier or a bulletproof vest. The Quiver will provide a quick recharge and will be a great addition to an individual set of equipment for a fighter.
M-Tac Plate Carrier Lower Accessory Pouch Gen.II Elite
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The practical and functional Gen.II Elite hip pack from M-TAC will perfectly complement your individual equipment set. The sachet is made of high-quality, durable Cordura 1000D material. YKK zippers come from a world-famous manufacturer of haberdashery fittings. This model is also equipped with a strap made of Velcro material along the entire length of the sachet, which can be attached to the Velcro panel, located under the flap of the Plate Carrier tactical vest or bulletproof vest, thus increasing their functionality. The hip bag has two compartments that allow you to put your necessities in it. In the front part, there is a Velcro panel sewn on the basis of the Laser Cut technology, allowing the attachment of additional equipment and badges. 
M-Tac Balaclava Elite Fleece
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
Fleece balaclava for cool, windless weather from the domestic manufacturer M-Tac. Product material - 100% polyester. Warm, elastic enough, removes moisture well and dries quickly. Can be used as a helmet, hat, half mask or scarf-pipe. Due to its elasticity, it will fit any size of an adult man's head. Material 100% polyester 
M-Tac backpack cover
Delivery 2-3 working days
M-Tac Raincover backpack cover for rain and snow protection. The cover has a water-repellent coating.

M suitable for backpacks up to 40 liters;
L suitable for backpacks up to 60 liters

Material: Nylon with PU coating
RAROG pouch (cargo) Ranger green MOLLE
Delivery 2-3 working days
1. Designed for the carriage of small loads, ammunition, night vision devices - 4 AKM / AK-74 trays can be transported.
2. There is a zipped pocket inside.
3. An optional Velcro closure
4. There is a drainage opening at the bottom of the bag.

Pouch (cargo) Ranger green
Material: Cordura.
Mounting: MOLLE.
Size: 230 * 115 mm.

M-Tac mesh scarf
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The multifunctional mesh scarf from the M-Tac brand is one of the varieties of the Sniper Face Veil Scarf. A sniper scarf that can be used as a quick disguise for face and weapons. In addition to the main task, it also performs other functions, such as a scarf, shemagh, scarf and much more. Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm Material: HB
M-Tac Attachment With Carabiner
Delivery 2-3 working days
The M-Tac carabiner attachment is designed to attach additional items to a backpack, plate carrier, body armor, belt or any other equipment with a MOLLE interface.
The carabiner clasp opens inward with one push of a finger and allows you to securely hold items from it. The hook-and-loop fastener ensures a tight fit, which can be adjusted in size if necessary.
  The carabiner itself is of minimal weight and compact dimensions, so it will not appreciably add weight or take up much space in your equipment. Attaches to MOLLE slings with Velcro.
M-Tac plate carrier Cuirass QRS
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The M-Tac plate carrier Cuirass QRS marks an evolutionary stage in the development of the PLATE CARRIER line from the Ukrainian brand M-Tac. New design with quick release system, modular pouch system on the fron of the plate crrier, a skeletonized camerbend combined with ultimately reliable materials, original CORDURA / NYLON, makes this plate carrier a worthy choice for modern tactical gear lovers. Material: Cordura 500D Line: MIL-SPEC