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M-Tac War Belt ARMOR Tegris D-Ring Cobra
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The WAR BELT ARMOR TEGRIS D-RING COBRA MULTICAM tactical belt from M-Tac is an important element of the equipment of a modern fighter. This model can be combined with an individual loading system to perform specific combat tasks. WAR BELT ARMOR TEGRIS D-RING COBRA MULTICAM is made of Cordura 500D - a durable material resistant to abrasion and high loads. Pouches are easily attached to the belt using a MOLLE interface made of MIL-SPEC webbing. The belt fastens with the original COBRA aluminum buckle, which was developed by the Austrian company AustriAlpin. In this model the buckle is attached with reinforced webbing. A distinctive feature of this model from the previous one is the use of inserts (side and central) made of high-tech Tegris thermoplastic composite from the Milliken® company. This material is lighter than traditional thermoplastic composites, yet able to withstand heavy loads and protect against impacts or minor debris . Also, in this model, the designers provided a special pocket, where you can adjust the belt size using internal straps. The padded mesh on the inside reduces uneven pressure and provides good ventilation. Thanks to the anatomic cut, the tactical belt stays in place during active movement or in combat conditions. The WAR BELT ARMOR TEGRIS D-RING COBRA MULTICAM can optionally be equipped with a Class 1 or Class 2 ballistic package in the tactical ARMOR belt, which will protect against ricochets and shrapnel (not included). Also, the belt is equipped with 4 buckles for fastening additional shoulder straps (not included). This way the the belt can be used as an loading belt-shoulder system. War Belt Armor is a great option for carrying the bare minimum gear you'll need in a combat situation. Material: Cordura 500D Additionally: AustriAlpin / WJ
M-Tac Balaclava-Ninja Moisture-Wicking Gen.II Polartec
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
NINJA BALACLAVA MOISTURE-WICKING GEN.II POLARTEC from M-Tac will be a great addition to your kit. Nowadays a balaclava is indispensable while travelling on open transport or when performing tasks on rough terrain, because it perfectly protects the face from wind, sand and dust. The balaclava is made of the patented POLARTEC POWER DRY material (100% polyester). This fabric is made with two-component knitted threads. As a result, each side of the fabric has particular qualities: the inner surface optimizes the transfer of sweat from the skin to the fabric, and the outer promotes quick drying. Flat and durable seams will not cause discomfort while wearing. The well-Thought-Out design makes it possible to cover the face completely, leaving only the eyes open. This model can also be used as a half-mask or tube scarf. High-quality material from Polartec® has excellent thermal insulation properties. Unlike natural fabrics, it does not accumulate, but removes excess moisture from the body, providing comfort. In terms of thermal properties per 1 gram of material, Polartec® is twice as good as sheep's wool and cotton. Products made of Polartec® can be worn both separately and as an inner layer under windproof clothing.
M-Tac Double AK Mag Pouch with Cover
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
This functional and lightweight pouch from M-Tac will allow you to operate magazines as conveniently as possible and ensure quick reloading during combat tasks. This model makes it possible to place two AR/AK-type magazines and even accommodate magazines for the Kalashnikov RPK-74. This pouch is made of Cordura 1000D - a high-quality material that is resistant to abrasion and heavy loads. The well-thought-out shape ensures reliable storage inside and protects the magazines from accidentally falling out during active movement. In this model, the designers have provided a cover flap, which, if desired, can be attached to the back of the pouch or completely removed, modifying it into an open one. With the help of velcro, the cover flap is adjustable in height which allows you to adjust it to suit the size of the magazines. The front MOLLE interface makes it possible to attach additional equipment. The sides are made of nylon webbing which ensures easy removal of magazines from the pouch. It is attached to a plate carrier or RPS using the MOLLE interface. The total volume is adjusted with the help of an elastic cord and a fastener in the lower part of the product. This M-Tac double pouch for AK with a cover will be a great addition to a fighter's individual equipment kit. Material: Cordura 1000D Features: Light and easy to use; Reliably secures magazines; The cover flap is removable, which allows you to modify the pouch into an open version; MOLLE interface. Due to its unique qualities, Cordura is widely used in tactical equipment for military, law enforcement, and special forces. It is mainly used in materials with a 1000d and 500d linear density. Linear density is the ratio between the weight of the fabric and its length. 
M-Tac Pouch for Folding Shovel
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The M-Tac MOLLE pouch is designed for a sapper's folding shovel. During almost the entire past century and up to the present day, the sapper shovel was one of the most important elements of a soldier's equipment. This is a universal tool that can be used to dig, chop, cut and beat. Currently, sapper shovels are in demand not only in the army, but also in the everyday life, especially among survivalists, hunters, mushroom pickers and outdoor enthusiasts. The ergonomic shape ensures that the product will take up a minimum of space on the loading system. It is fastened using the MOLLE standard, so this product can be incorporated with all loading systems in use today. The large flap is fastened with a chunky plastic clasp, which not only allows quick access, even when wearing winter or tactical gloves, but also prevents accidental dropping of the shovel. Fastening system: MOLLE Material: CORDURA
M-Tac Combat Shirt Gen.II Pro NYCO Extreme
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The summer combat shirt from M-Tac combines high-quality materials, the latest production technologies and well-thought-out functionality. The torso of the shirt is made of Polartec fire resist knitted material (66% modacrylic, 29% lyocell, 5% span). Modacrylic forms the largest proportion of this material. Fabrics made with the inclusion of this synthetic fiber are resistant to fire and, accordingly, ignition . In combination with the other fibres that comprise the Polartec fire resist material, creates a unique combination of fire and water resistance, softness and elasticity. The sleeves and collar are sewn from durable American NYCO Extreme fabric from Brookwood (57% nylon, 43% cotton). This lightweight material is approximately 3 times more tear-resistant, 10 times more breathable and dries faster than regular NYCO fabric. The designers have added mesh inserts under the armpits to improve ventilation and moisture control. Also on the sleeves, the designers provided vertical pockets covered with a flap for storing valuables. Velcro panels are equipped with holes for chemical light and stationary. There are additional pen pockets on the left sleeve. A tactical shirt can significantly improve comfort and thermoregulation when wearing body armor or loading systems. This model is convenient to use in both warm and cool seasons.
Materials: NYCO Extreme (57% nylon, 43% cotton) Polartec fire resist (66% modacrylic, 29% lyocell, 5% span)
Additionally: YKK
Features: Flap-covered arm pockets with vertical entry. Mesh inserts under the arms for optimal thermoregulation. Velcro panels with compartments for chemical light.
Materials from the USA are valued for their excellent quality. All fabrics are carefully dyed, and you don't have to worry about the product fading during was
M-Tac Pants STURM Nyco Extreme Gen.II
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The new generation of Sturm tactical pants is even more comfortable, practical and durable. Made from durable material NyCo Extreme (57% nylon, 43% cotton) from the American company Brockwood. This fabric has high strength, wear resistance and breathability. Flexible inserts (91% nylon, 9% elastane) stretch in two directions and guarantee comfort during active use. Around ​​the knees, the designers have used Cordura 500D with fixed EVA-foam inserts 2-4 mm thick, which will provide effective protection of the knee joints against impacts and mechanical damage. This model is also equipped with knee pads. Thanks to the well-thought-out cut, the pants do not restrict freedom of movement: they are comfortable to jump, run, bend, squat and move over rough terrain. Many thoughtful pockets allow you to carry essential items. A design aspect of this model are the large double pockets that do not visually affect the silhouette. Trouser pockets have Fastex closures for knee height adjustment. The belt of the pants is adjustable using Murdock webbing straps, and they're designed to be worn with a belt up to 5.5 centimeters wide. There are two D-rings at the front, below the waist, for attaching various gear. The width of the knee area is adjustable with the help of velcro. An elastic cord is stretched along the lower edge of the pants and Velcro panels are provided to allow general size adjustment. M-Tac pants Sturm Gen.II NyCo Extreme is a great option for any tactical tasks.
Material: NYCO EXTREME (57% nylon, 43% cotton) Flex (91% Nylon, 9% Elastane) Cordura 500D
Hardware: YKK
INVADER GEAR Mk.II Predator Combat Pants
Delivery 2-3 working days
Invader Gear has been founded in 2004 and has ever focused on equipment offering an outstanding price/performance ratio. The brand mainly offers a large selection of tactical clothing in modern designs in a wide range of colors and camouflage patterns and also all kind of nylon tactical equipment like vests, plate carriers, MOLLE Pouches, backpacks, protective pads, slings and many more products which follows the same philosophy.
Predator Combat Pants are designed to provide level of mobility, air flow and protection which the user will not find in classic pants.
They were made of Rip-Stop fabric (65% cotton / 35% polyester) which makes the pants light and durable. They are also fast drying - no matter if it's a hot sweaty day or rainy weather.
Under the belt area and around knees is located elastic fabric for comfort and high mobility. Extra level of protection is provide by included pads designed to protect the joints by efficiently distributing impact energy.
The user has a number of pockets at his disposal: 2 open on the waist, 2 big cargo on each side of the back thigh with hook and loop fasteners and 2 medium on the front, 2 small pockets on the lower leg area and another 2 pockets on the back of the pants.
At the front, we can find high-quality YKK zipper with hook and loop closure. A strap runs around the inner waistband to adjust its size. Similar straps are located around the ankles to adjust fit to the user footwear.
Large belt loops allow the use of a wide range of tactical belts.
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Delivery 2-3 working days
Invader Gear has been founded in 2004 and has ever focused on equipment offering an outstanding price/performance ratio. The brand mainly offers a large selection of tactical clothing in modern designs in a wide range of colors and camouflage patterns and also all kind of nylon tactical equipment like vests, plate carriers, MOLLE Pouches, backpacks, protective pads, slings and many more products following the same philosophy.
The Invader Gear Combat Shirt is intended to provide great moisture-wicking properties below body armor. The modern cut is designed for an optimal fit to the user. The collar is high to protect the neck from debris and sling belts and it is equipped with a high-quality zip by YKK.
Large shoulder pockets provide quick, convenient storage and on the outside layer are large hooks and loops panels for unit ID or morale patches. Elbows are reinforced with an additional layer of fabric which is also intended as a compartment for elbow pads. Sleeve end width is fully adjustable.
Sleeves, collar and shoulder area of this Combat Shirt are made of a sturdy 65% cotton / 35% polyester rip-stop woven fabric for great wearing comfort and fast-drying properties. The torso is made of an incredibly comfortable 80% cotton / 20% polyester knit fabric with good moisture-wicking performance.
The size chart:ößentabelle%20IG.png?_a=AAFIKBs
M-Tac Nord fleece jacket
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The M-Tac Nord Polartec Black is made of premium fleece from the world-famous American brand Polartec® . This is the first model of a line of fleeces, born in collaboration between M-Tac (TM) and Polartec®, designed for both everyday wear and sports. Polartec® 200 Series fleece, besides excellent thermal properties, has excellent vapor transmission and can be used as an additional layer with membrane jackets and softshells. Furniture in M-Tac Nord Fleece is from YKK (Japan). Polartec® is the name for a range of modern materials. All of them are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable no matter the weather. In terms of its ability to retain the heat of the human body, Polartec is not inferior to wool and can be as soft and delicate as cotton, but at the same time, it perfectly replaces clothes made from natural materials, which are not always suitable for outdoor activities and sports. Clothing made of it is beautiful and functional, does not wrinkle, dries quickly, and is easily washed. Very comfortable in everyday wear, Polartec products are suitable not only for athletes but also for everyone who prefers a sporty style of clothing. Polartec 200 is soft and almost weightless and has excellent thermal insulation properties. Unlike natural fabrics, it does not accumulate, but removes excess moisture from the body, providing comfort. In terms of thermal properties per gram of material, Polartec 200 is twice as good as sheep's wool and more than three times as good as cotton. Polartec® 200 products can be worn alone or as an additional layer under windproof clothing.
M-Tac Space Armor jacket Gen.II
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The lightweight and warm Space Armor Gen.II jacket from M-Tac combines high-quality materials, a maximum level of protection, convenient functionality and, with a second layer of clothing, provides a comfort temperature of +5 -5. The combined outer shell is made of lightweight, breathable nylon fabric with inserts of supplex elastic material. The jacket is insulated with innovative Austrian G-Loft filling, which has high thermal insulation qualities and allows moisture to easily evaporate when wet. In this generation, the designers have provided a comfortable hood that will protect from wind and inclement weather. The stand-up collar and supplex inserts are lined with microfleece from the world-famous Italian brand Pontetorto. The thoughtful anatomical cut provides freedom of movement, and the minimalist design goes well with both casual and tactical clothing. Thanks to its stylish appearance, the Space Armor Gen.II jacket from M-Tac can be worn to workouts, walks, business meetings and any other events. Insulation: GLOFT Outer fabric: 100% nylon Lining: 100% nylon G-LOFT – Warm, light and waterproof insulation. Even in extreme wet and cold weather conditions. Meets all high standards and combines the advantages of organic down with the durability of synthetic fibers. Thanks to the "memory effect", microfibers automatically return to their original unique forms, providing warmth, even after repeated washing and use. The G-LOFT insulation guarantees optimal thermal insulation and heat regulation. The YKK company is a world leader in the fastening production. It produces 90% of all fasteners at 71 factories around the world. This is a group of Japanese companies whose trademark was registered almost 70 years ago. YKK is translated from Japanese as "Yoshida’s Factory" - th
Helikon Belt Molle Adapter
Delivery 2-3 working days
This high-quality Belt MOLLE Adapter from Helikon can be quickly detached from the belt. It features two rows of PALS with one columns that allow attachment of any MOLLE/PALS pouches to a belt that is up to 45mm wide. It is a perfect choice for military and security personnel.

Can be easily detached from the belt
Two columns with two rows of loops
Compatible with any MOLLE/PALS
Dimensions: approx. 9,5 x 5 x 0,3 cm
Material: 100% Cordura Nylon
Manufactuer: Helikon
Helikon Competition Utility Pouch
Delivery 2-3 working days
The Helikon Competition Utility Pouch is designed for dynamic shooting. It can be used as a part of a modular equipment build system thanks to MOLLE / PALS attachment points at the back. Also, this universal pouch is mountable directly on belts up to 50mm wide. It has a large main compartment with double-sided zip closure, loop fastener on one side and elastic webbing on the other, allowing further personalisation and secure storage. Perfect for storing essentials, accessories, tools, or other equipment.

Part of Helikon Range Line
Designed as a part of COMPETITION set
Ideal for storing accessories, tools, or equipment
Zippered main compartment
Large ID loop fastener patch on front
Loop fastener panel inside for additional attachment options
Elastic webbing inside for secure storage
Lanyard loop for fixing small items
MOLLE/PALS compatible
It can be mounted onto the belt up to 50mm wide
Made of Cordura 500D
Dimensions: 6.1"x5.12"x1.97" (15.5x13x5cm)
Weight: 110g
Material: 100% Nylon
Manufacturer: Helikon