Compensators, flash hiders

Muzzle Brake Dover for AK, Saiga 223/5.45
Delivery 2-3 working days
Custom Guns 00177 Dover Muzzle Brake for AK, Saiga
Fits: • АК-74, -74С, -74М; • АК-102, -101, -105; • АKSU; • Saiga-МК 02 (.223), Saiga-МК 02 (5,45), Saiga-МК 30 (5.45)Weight: 155 gSize: 95x35x30 mmType: ActiveMaterial: SteelThread: 24х1,5 RightManufacturer: Custom Guns
Delivery 2-3 working days
Compensator ideal for tactical use, whose maximum yield is with short barrel carbines.
On our M5 Plus model carbine is standard.The sharp figure has been created to match perfectly to the design of the ADC handguard.It is made of high quality steel and subjected to heat treatments in order to make the non-stick surface to gunpowder residues.Thread 1/2×28