M-Tac Balaclava Elite Fleece
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
Fleece balaclava for cool, windless weather from the domestic manufacturer M-Tac. Product material - 100% polyester. Warm, elastic enough, removes moisture well and dries quickly. Can be used as a helmet, hat, half mask or scarf-pipe. Due to its elasticity, it will fit any size of an adult man's head. Material 100% polyester 
M-Tac Fleece Watch Cap Light Polartec
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The Fleece Light Polartec Watch Cap hat from M-Tac is a versatile winter wardrobe item that will perfectly complement any look. Made of premium 159g / m2 Micro Series fleece from the American company Polartec . The fabric is distinguished by excellent wear resistance, has good anti-pilling properties, retains its original appearance for a long time, without being covered with pellets during prolonged use, and allows you to feel comfortable even in severe frosts. The low profile design of the hat fits easily under the helmet and hood and also provides good wind and cold protection.
M-Tac Polartec Anatomic Tube Scarf
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The anatomical scarf tube Polar Pro from M-Tac is a warm and stylish accessory that will provide face masking, protect from wind and light precipitation. Made of high-quality wear-resistant fleece Micro Series from the world-famous company Polartec®. This multifunctional accessory can easily be turned into a scarf, protective mask or bandage. Due to the anatomical cut, it fits well to the neck and reliably protects from the wind. Perfect for everyday use in the cold season. This model can be worn for shooting, hunting, work or walking. Also, the scarf-pipe does not take up much space when folded and will keep you warm in winter.
High-quality material from Polartec® has excellent thermal insulation properties. Unlike natural fabrics, it does not accumulate, but removes excess moisture from
M-TAC Ninja-Balaclava Premium
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
NINJA POLARTEC balaclava from M-TAC has been designed to protect the face and head during the warm season. The patented material from POLARTEC POWER DRY gives the ultimate comfort, removes moisture from the skin, is durable and easy to wash. The flat seams of the balaclava are secure and do not cause any discomfort. The cut allows you to use the balaclava as a comforter for all types of helmets. Polartec® is the name for a whole series of modern materials. They are all designed to keep you warm, dry and comfortable no matter the weather. When it comes to retaining the heat of the human body Polartec comes equal to wool, and can be as soft and delicate as cotton, while being able to replace the natural materials, that are not always suitable for outdoor activities and sports. 
M-Tac Shemagh Scarf Pirate Skull
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
Desert M-Tac Tactical Pirate Skull Shemagh Scarf. A shemagh scarf (better known in the CIS countries as "arafatka") is designed to protect the head and neck area from the effects of sand and sun, as well as to protect it from the wind in cold weather conditions. This scarf is used by many armies in the world. Size 105 x 105 cm Material 100% cotton
M-Tac Acrylic Watch Cap
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
A knitted hat is used for cool, cold weather. Manufacturing method - industrial, double binding . The hat has a low fit. It stretches easily. A double lapel creates an additional warm layer around the ears, forehead, and nape. The hat is made in the image and likeness of the American knitted helmet balaclava, hence the name - Watch Cap (the cap of the sentry) . Material: 100% acrylic
Sizes: S 55-56 M 57-58 L 59-60 XL 60-62
M-Tac Dense Shemagh Scarf
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
We want to present you a shemagh scarf from M-Tac. "Shemagh" got this name from the British and it is most widespread in Europe and the United States. Although its real name is keffiyeh, shemagh, kaffiyah, keffiya, kaffiya, ghutra, hatta. It is a man's headscarf that appeared in Arab countries. It was primarily designed to protect the head and neck area from sand and sun exposure, as well as wind protection in cold weather conditions. Size 110 x 110 cm Material 100% cotton
M-Tac Balaclava Ninja Elite Polar (320g/m2)
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The ninja balaclava from M-Taс not only keeps you warm during the cold season, but also protects from wind, sand and dust. In modern conditions, a balaclava is indispensable during trips on open combat vehicles or when performing tasks on rough terrain in winter. A light and warm fleece beanie hat is perfect for cool and cold weather. Made of durable and warm fleece with a density of 320g/m2. The fabric has good anti-pilling properties, prevent occurrence of spools during long-term use and allows you to feel comfortable even during severe frosts. The design of the balaclava makes it possible to cover the face completely, leaving only the eyes uncovered. This model can also be used as a half-mask or scarf-pipe. It will not take up much space in your gear, and its presence will increase comf