M-Tac Collapsible Grappling Hook
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The M-Tac tactical grapple hook can come in handy in various situations: for demining, breaking down suspicious objects, and checking paths and passages. It can also be used as a trawl.
The design of the hook consists of 3 collapsible elements: scraper-grip and 2 gripper parts, which are easily inserted into the groove of the scraper. A rope or a carabiner passes through the hole in the handle, which also fixes the hook into its deployed state.
   It is made of high-quality 3mm steel from ST3, which, according to its properties, has a high degree of durability. The hook can withstand a load of up to 420 kg, which allows you to use it as an assault hook to overcome some obstacles.
  Thanks to its compact size, the grapple can easily fit into a backpack or briefcase. 
Recoil Buffer for AK47 and Clones
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Polymer recoil buffer fits on the bolt spring to reduce bolt slap, felt recoil, and overall wear and tear.
Provides a cushion that prevents the bolt from making contact with the receiver to reduce wear on both components. Installs easily over rear of spring assembly; no permanent modifications to rifle required.Features:• Reduces Bolt Wear• Reduce Receiver Wear• Less Felt Recoil• Good for at least 5,000 firing cycles.Specifications:• Material: Polymer• Color: Black• Length: 13 mm• Width: 24 mm• Height: 32 mm• Fits all models of AK-47, Sayga, Vepr, Mak-90, Galil, Valmet and others.
Safety Selector for AK models - Extended Custom Guns 00485
Delivery 2-3 working days
Custom Guns 00485 Extended Safety Selector for AK modelsCompatibility:
• AKM, AKMS, AK-74 (S, M), AK-100 series, AKSU.• Saiga 9, Saiga M, Saiga 410;• VPO-133, -136, -209, -123, -132, -139;• RPK, RPK-74 and -74M;• SOK-94, -95, -97, -98.
Weight: 35 gMaterial: AluminiumManufacturer: Armacon