Recoil Buffer for AK47 and Clones
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Polymer recoil buffer fits on the bolt spring to reduce bolt slap, felt recoil, and overall wear and tear.
Provides a cushion that prevents the bolt from making contact with the receiver to reduce wear on both components. Installs easily over rear of spring assembly; no permanent modifications to rifle required.Features:• Reduces Bolt Wear• Reduce Receiver Wear• Less Felt Recoil• Good for at least 5,000 firing cycles.Specifications:• Material: Polymer• Color: Black• Length: 13 mm• Width: 24 mm• Height: 32 mm• Fits all models of AK-47, Sayga, Vepr, Mak-90, Galil, Valmet and others.
Safety Selector for AK models - Extended Custom Guns 00485
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Custom Guns 00485 Extended Safety Selector for AK modelsCompatibility:
• AKM, AKMS, AK-74 (S, M), AK-100 series, AKSU.• Saiga 9, Saiga M, Saiga 410;• VPO-133, -136, -209, -123, -132, -139;• RPK, RPK-74 and -74M;• SOK-94, -95, -97, -98.
Weight: 35 gMaterial: AluminiumManufacturer: Armacon