M-Tac Attachment With Carabiner
Delivery 2-3 working days
The M-Tac carabiner attachment is designed to attach additional items to a backpack, plate carrier, body armor, belt or any other equipment with a MOLLE interface.
The carabiner clasp opens inward with one push of a finger and allows you to securely hold items from it. The hook-and-loop fastener ensures a tight fit, which can be adjusted in size if necessary.
  The carabiner itself is of minimal weight and compact dimensions, so it will not appreciably add weight or take up much space in your equipment. Attaches to MOLLE slings with Velcro.
Helikon-Tex Double Horizontal Pouch
Delivery 2-3 working days
A pouch providing quick access to magazines The Double Horizontal Pouch is a magazine holder for professionals and tactical shooting enthusiasts. This pouch allows for secure horizontal carriage of magazines directly on the back of the vest, thereby not taking up additional space on your gear. It also enables ambidextrous access to the magazines. The Double Horizontal Pouch is attached via a hook & loop panel. The circumference of the pouch can be adjusted using an elastic band, allowing it to accommodate various types of magazines. This is a useful accessory for the range, shooting practice, or tactical operations.
Features: Simple mounting Space for two magazines Adjustable via hook & loop and elastic band
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Delivery 2-3 working days
Guns No Roses – militaristinės ekipuotės el. parduotuvės naujiena – dovanų kuponas nežinantiems, kuo nustebinti savus per šventes ar juodai neturintiems laiko. Įsigijus dovanų kuponą, galimai pradžiuginsite artimąjį, kolegą ar save.
Elektroninio dovanų kupono naudojimo taisyklės:
·       Elektroninį dovanų kuponą galima panaudoti tik e-parduotuvėje
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas galioja 1 metus nuo jo įsigijimo datos. Pasibaigus dovanų kupono galiojimo terminui, kuponas nebegalioja , o jame nurodyta pinigų suma negrąžinama.
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas yra vienkartinis. 
·       Jei prekių kaina viršija dovanų kupono vertę, likusią sumą galima sumokėti Jums patogiu būdu.
·       Vieno apsipirkimo metu galima panaudoti vieną ar kelis kuponus ir padengti visą pirkinių suma.
·       Didesnio nominalo kupono negalima skaidyti į kelis mažesnio nominalo kuponus - jei, apsiperkant elektroninėje parduotuvėje, prekių kaina yra mažesnė nei dovanų kuponas, likutis negali būti panaudojamas kito apsipirkimo metu. 
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas yra negrąžinamas ir į pinigus nekeičiamas.
MICRUS tactical-modular backpack
Delivery 15 working days
The biggest advantage of the MICRUS tactical backpack is the two removable platforms:
-when using the backpack as a separate element of the system, a platform with an amortization-ventilation mesh is attached to the back wall of the backpack.
-using the backpack as an integral element of the system, we attach the platform to the tactical vest using the MOLLE interface, and fasten the backpack to it. The backpack thus attached becomes an integral part of the vest.
The backpack is accessed from the top. There are two pockets inside. One of them is adapted for flexible water storage. Additional pocket integrated on the outside - fastened with Velcro.
Color-ranger green
height 40 cm
width 17 cm
thickness 6 cm
capacity up to 5L
M-Tac Chest Rig Military Elite
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The M-Tac Chest Rig Military Elite breast bag combines comfort and versatility. Inside the rig there is an organizer that allows you to rationally place the necessary items of the owner. The inner chamber of the rig is closed with a zipper. The Chest Rig Elite is equipped with a MOLLE Laser Cut front panel and fastex quick dump system. The slim profile of the rig and the H-type harness system allows to move hands. In addition, with the help of modular inserts fastened with Velcro, you can expand the functionality of the sachet, using it for your EDC set, as a wallet or a bag for documents.
Main material:Cordura 500
Dimensions:28 x 30 x 5 cm
M-Tac elastic pouch for 3 magazines Elite MOLLE
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
Thanks to the unique design of the M-Tac, the flexible bag reliably protects the store, which does not fall out under any circumstances, even when parachuting and in the inverted position. But as soon as you try to take out the store, it immediately appears in your hand, because the working surface of the handle remains accessible to you when the store is in the bag. This significantly speeds up reboots and makes manipulating changes more efficient and faster. Material: Cordura 500D
M-Tac Plate Carrier Lower Accessory Pouch Gen.II Elite
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The practical and functional Gen.II Elite hip pack from M-TAC will perfectly complement your individual equipment set. The sachet is made of high-quality, durable Cordura 1000D material. YKK zippers come from a world-famous manufacturer of haberdashery fittings. This model is also equipped with a strap made of Velcro material along the entire length of the sachet, which can be attached to the Velcro panel, located under the flap of the Plate Carrier tactical vest or bulletproof vest, thus increasing their functionality. The hip bag has two compartments that allow you to put your necessities in it. In the front part, there is a Velcro panel sewn on the basis of the Laser Cut technology, allowing the attachment of additional equipment and badges. 
M-Tac Shoulder Damper for Plate Carrier Cuirass QRS
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The M-Tac Cuirass QRS shoulder pad designed to distribute the load and can significantly increase comfort when carrying a large amount of equipment. Made with Cordura - high-quality material resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. 3D mesh panels provide excellent ventilation and help soften shoulder harnesses. This tactical accessory attaches to the Cuirass QRS plate with special straps and Velcro. The M-Tac shoulder pad for Cuirass QRS slabs will become a reliable assistant in a wide range of tasks and definitely interest fans of modern tactical equipment.
Material: Cordura
M-Tac front panel for plate carrier Cuirass QRS XL
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The lightweight and compact M-Tac Front Plate Cuirass QRS XL is designed for the military who value comfort and convenience. Made of high quality and durable Cordura 500D material. The MOLLE system is attached to the Cuirass XL with Woojin hooks and Velcro . MOLLE slings allow you to attach additional equipment. The front panel can place 4 pouches for magazines.This accessory is a good ally while performing a wide range of tasks and is definitely of interest to fans of modern tactical equipment. Material: Cordura 500D Lanyard: MIL-STD
M-Tac front panel for plate carrier Cuirass QRS
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The lightweight and compact M-Tac Front Panel Cuirass QRS is designed for the military who value comfort and convenience. Made of high quality and durable Cordura 500D material. The MOLLE system is attached to the Cuirass with Woojin hooks and Velcro. MOLLE slings allow attaching additional equipment. The front panel can place three magazines. This plate carrier will be an ally in performing a wide range of tasks and definitely of interest to fans of modern tactical equipment. Material: Cordura 500D Slings: MIL-STD Hardware: Woojin
M-Tac Pouch Accessory Lower Large Elite
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
 Practical and functional, the Large Elite Lower Accessory Pouch, from the M-Tac brand is the perfect complement to your personalized outfit.
   Made of high quality and durable Cordura 500D material. Zippers from YKK, the world leader in the production of hardware.
M-Tac Pouch Elastic Triple Magazine Elite Laser Cut
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The Elite Laser Cut Triple Magazine Elastic Pouch is a functional piece of equipment designed to securely hold and transport AK/AR series magazines. Made of high-quality Cordura 500D, a super-strong fabric, resistant to abrasion and high loads. Reliable attachment is provided by a strap and an elastic cord, which guarantee protection against falling out. This model is designed to accommodate and conveniently transport three magazines. Easily attaches to equipment with a MOLLE interface, made from a polymer composite using laser cut technology. The pouch will allow for quick reloading and become an essential element of a fighter's individual equipment. Material: Cordura 500D