Mag pouch FP556
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Mag pouch FP556

FP556 pouch designed for AR / M4 / G36 and GROT rifle magazines. Open pouch for quick magazine retrieval. The magazine inside the pouch is held by an interwoven elastic cord that covers the pouch. Additionally, there is anti-slip material inside the pouch. In the case of highly dynamic actions, the pouch has a puller that protects the magazine from falling out. The sides of the pouch are made of plastic, trimmed with a tape.
The pouch mounting system is based on interwoven straps, which ensures its secure and stable mounting on tactical vests, belts, thigh panels and other equipment.


The pouch has the following dimensions:

- width: 7 cm
- height: 11 cm
- thickness: 2.5 cm

€19.00 (tax incl.) €19.00 (tax excl.)
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