IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit
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IFAK - Individual First Aid Kit

Individual First Aid Kit - a personal first aid kit containing items to treat potentially fatal injuries

The kit includes:

Bleeding arresting (haemostatic) dressing-Medclot

Tourniquet-Tourniquet LTQ1.0

Nasopharyngeal tube with lubricant 1pc

Decompression needle 1pc

Eye protection cap 1pc

TCCC victim card 1pc

Occlusive chest dressing 2pcs

Compression bandage (Israeli) 1 pc

Limb immobilisation splint 1pc

Nitrile gloves, dark 2 pairs

Sterile dressing - wide 1pc

Sterile dressing for swabbing 1pc

Sterile abdominal dressing 1pc

Elastic bandage 1pc

Triangular bandage - scarf 1pc

Bandage for splint 1pc

Alcohol antiseptic wipes 4pcs

Gel for burns 1pc

Tear-off patch 1pc

Trauma scissors 1pc

Non-washable marker 1pc

First aid blanket 1pc

Duck tape 1pc

Bag - MOLLE clip or attachment

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