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IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) is a personal first aid kit that includes tools to treat potentially fatal injuries as quickly as possible.

The set consists of:

  1x Haemostatic dressing

  2x Occlusive thoracic bandage

  1x Tourniquet LTQ 1.0

  1x compression bandage (Israeli)

  1x Gel for burns

  1x Nasopharyngeal tube

  1x Compression bandage

  1x Cursor

  1x Peelable patch, 1 roll

  1x First aid blanket

  1x Elastic bandage

  1x Medical scissors

  1x Splint

  1x Compression for burns

  1x Absorbent dry napkin

  2x Disinfecting wipe

  1x Triangle bandage

  1x Medium bandage

  1x Basket for all items (pouch)

€149.00 (tax incl.) €149.00 (tax excl.)
check Delivery 2-3 working days
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