Tourniquet LTQ 1.0
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Tourniquet LTQ 1.0

Tourniquet LTQ 1.0 - made in Lithuania

The product is ISO 14001/13485 certified. Also, the NSN code of the "Defense Resources Agency under the Ministry of Defense, Military Standardization and National Codification Office" (6515-47-001-1230) was issued.


·Fast application

·Bullet Proof Quality

·Polyester belt-93cm long and 4cm wide

·Durable platform-Flexible 5cm wide platform

·Fixation triangle-Made from PA6 GF30 plastic. Has special ‘hooks’ used for fixating the end of the belt

·Hook&loop tape-Dense texture allows for extremelly strong grip

·Marking tape-Made from reflective material

·UHMWPE tape-Extremly strong inner tape used for tightening. Made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that is able to handle several tonnes of pressure

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