Miwo Radio Pouch MOLLE
Delivery 2-3 working days
The design of the Miwo radio pouch makes it possible to adapt the basket to most radio. There is also free access to the main controls of the portable radio (PTT button, channel and volume switches). The PTT button and the radio's microphone remain uncovered, allowing you to use the radio without headphones.
Fastening system: MOLLE
Material: Cordura
Color: Ranger green
RAROG pouch (cargo) Ranger green MOLLE
Delivery 2-3 working days
1. Designed for the carriage of small loads, ammunition, night vision devices - 4 AKM / AK-74 trays can be transported.
2. There is a zipped pocket inside.
3. An optional Velcro closure
4. There is a drainage opening at the bottom of the bag.

Pouch (cargo) Ranger green
Material: Cordura.
Mounting: MOLLE.
Size: 230 * 115 mm.

Miwo Universal "admin" pouch MOLLE
Delivery 15 working days
The universal "admin" pouch is a general purpose cart. Fastens with a strong, waterproof zipper with two sliders that have rope sections woven into it, making it easier to unzip while wearing gloves. The Molle system is integrated on the front side, allowing you to mount additional equipment.
The bag is attached to a tactical vest or belt using the Molle system.
- height: 13 cm
- length: 25 cm
- width: 8 cm
Color Ranger green
MIWO MILITARY the dump pouch
Delivery 2-3 working days
The dump pouch solves the problem of empty magazines during the implementation of tasks with a large scale of dynamics. It allows you to easily and quickly hide an empty magazine. The bag is made from cordura. It has a stiffening cord on the upper edge. Its task is to keep the maximum diameter of the upper opening. This makes it easier to drop the magazines into the bag.
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
The field kit consists of two parts: a bag with an internal organizer under the IFAK (personal first aid kit) and a base, which is attachable to the gear, where the bag goes.
 The organizer is made of Cordura  - a durable, wear-resistant material. AquaGuard waterproof zipper. The paracord loop is designed to connect it to the base. Closes with a zipper with two runners and can be quickly removed from the base on both sides. 
Helikon Competition Utility Pouch
Delivery 2-3 working days
The Helikon Competition Utility Pouch is designed for dynamic shooting. It can be used as a part of a modular equipment build system thanks to MOLLE / PALS attachment points at the back. Also, this universal pouch is mountable directly on belts up to 50mm wide. It has a large main compartment with double-sided zip closure, loop fastener on one side and elastic webbing on the other, allowing further personalisation and secure storage. Perfect for storing essentials, accessories, tools, or other equipment.

Part of Helikon Range Line
Designed as a part of COMPETITION set
Ideal for storing accessories, tools, or equipment
Zippered main compartment
Large ID loop fastener patch on front
Loop fastener panel inside for additional attachment options
Elastic webbing inside for secure storage
Lanyard loop for fixing small items
MOLLE/PALS compatible
It can be mounted onto the belt up to 50mm wide
Made of Cordura 500D
Dimensions: 6.1"x5.12"x1.97" (15.5x13x5cm)
Weight: 110g
Material: 100% Nylon
Manufacturer: Helikon
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Delivery 2-3 working days
A secure solution for carrying radios Communication equipment is crucial for uniformed services, and it should always be within reach. The Radio Pouch ensures comfortable and secure carrying of radio devices. Thanks to adjustable height and an elastic circumference, the pouch can adapt to different models and sizes of radios. A shock cord secures the radio from falling out while still allowing easy access to all controls on the top of the radio unit. The pouch can be attached to gear via a MOLLE/PALS-compatible system.
Features: Adjustable in height and width Secure radio holding with shock cord 
Delivery 2-3 working days
Handcuff case designed to carry jaw handcuffs. Thanks to its structure, it allows quick extraction of jaw handcuffs. The Handcuff pouch MOLLE mounting system ensures secure and stable attachment to tactical vests, belts, thigh panels and other pieces of equipment.
Color - Ranger green;
Material - Cordura;
MIWO MILITARY pouch for Hydration Bladder MOLLE
Delivery 2-3 working days
MIWO MILITARY pouch for hydration bladder - for soldiers and civilians. The pouch is suitable for hydration systems with a flexible reservoir up to 3L and is attached using the MOLLE system. Designed for convenient filling and use in extreme conditions during exercise and hiking. The case is made of abrasion-resistant Cordura material and also has thermal insulation properties. The MOLLE system additionally integrated in the front of the case allows you to attach pouches and other equipment.
Color - Ranger green;
Material - Cordura;
Fastening - Velcro;
Suitable for hydration systems with a flexible tank up to 3L;
- height: 43 cm
- width: 21 cm