MUDPIL holster
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MUDPIL holster is designed for pistols. Its carrying system allows it to be carried on the headband or on the thigh. The system of tapes that keep the holster on the thigh is equipped with buckles that ensure quick detachment of the holster. The buckle also has a tape that connects the holster with the main belt. It allows you to quickly detach the holster without removing the belt. Thanks to the system of properly positioned Velcro fasteners, it can be used to the fullest extent of its capabilities by right and left-handed shooters. In the front part of the holster there is a sheath for the second magazine.
Color - Ranger green
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Guns No Roses – militaristinės ekipuotės el. parduotuvės naujiena – dovanų kuponas nežinantiems, kuo nustebinti savus per šventes ar juodai neturintiems laiko. Įsigijus dovanų kuponą, galimai pradžiuginsite artimąjį, kolegą ar save.
Elektroninio dovanų kupono naudojimo taisyklės:
·       Elektroninį dovanų kuponą galima panaudoti tik e-parduotuvėje
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas galioja 1 metus nuo jo įsigijimo datos. Pasibaigus dovanų kupono galiojimo terminui, kuponas nebegalioja , o jame nurodyta pinigų suma negrąžinama.
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas yra vienkartinis. 
·       Jei prekių kaina viršija dovanų kupono vertę, likusią sumą galima sumokėti Jums patogiu būdu.
·       Vieno apsipirkimo metu galima panaudoti vieną ar kelis kuponus ir padengti visą pirkinių suma.
·       Didesnio nominalo kupono negalima skaidyti į kelis mažesnio nominalo kuponus - jei, apsiperkant elektroninėje parduotuvėje, prekių kaina yra mažesnė nei dovanų kuponas, likutis negali būti panaudojamas kito apsipirkimo metu. 
·       Elektroninis dovanų kuponas yra negrąžinamas ir į pinigus nekeičiamas.
M-Tac Collapsible Grappling Hook
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The M-Tac tactical grapple hook can come in handy in various situations: for demining, breaking down suspicious objects, and checking paths and passages. It can also be used as a trawl.
The design of the hook consists of 3 collapsible elements: scraper-grip and 2 gripper parts, which are easily inserted into the groove of the scraper. A rope or a carabiner passes through the hole in the handle, which also fixes the hook into its deployed state.
   It is made of high-quality 3mm steel from ST3, which, according to its properties, has a high degree of durability. The hook can withstand a load of up to 420 kg, which allows you to use it as an assault hook to overcome some obstacles.
  Thanks to its compact size, the grapple can easily fit into a backpack or briefcase. 
MIWO MILITARY PBN-22 Two Point Carbine Sling
Delivery 2-3 working days
Two-point weapon belt PNB-22 ensures comfortable carrying of weapons and quick transition to combat mode. Thanks to a carefully thought-out system, the user can easily adjust the length of the belt even with thick gloves in limited visibility and during dynamic actions.
The PNB-22 belt is attached to the weapon with carabiners or using adapters.
Color Ranger green.
MIWO MILITARY PNB - 7 Carbine Sling
Delivery 2-3 working days
The weapon belt PNB-7 can be used as a one-point, two-point or three-point attachment belt due to its unique system.

Thanks to the three adjustment points, the PNB-7 gun belt has a wide adjustment range.

Color Ranger Green
MIWO MILITARY weapon belt PBN-21A two points
Delivery 2-3 working days
The MIWO PNB-21A gun belt has two attachment points with the possibility of modification to a single point system, which ensures comfortable carrying of the weapon and quick change of positions. The design of the belt PNB-21A is based on the specification prepared by the Polish army.
Thanks to a well-thought-out system, the belt is easily adjustable. The large and sturdy buckle loop makes it easy to adjust even when wearing thick gloves, in limited visibility and on the move.
MIWO PNB-21A belt is attached to the weapon by C.L.A.S.H. with the help of hooks. Convenience when carrying a weapon is ensured by a 4.5 cm widening in the middle of the belt, which prevents the belt from cutting into the body.
Material - Cordura 770
Color - Ranger green.
Muzzle Brake Dover for AK, Saiga 223/5.45
Delivery 2-3 working days
Custom Guns 00177 Dover Muzzle Brake for AK, Saiga
Fits: • АК-74, -74С, -74М; • АК-102, -101, -105; • АKSU; • Saiga-МК 02 (.223), Saiga-МК 02 (5,45), Saiga-МК 30 (5.45)Weight: 155 gSize: 95x35x30 mmType: ActiveMaterial: SteelThread: 24х1,5 RightManufacturer: Custom Guns
Delivery 2-3 working days
Compensator ideal for tactical use, whose maximum yield is with short barrel carbines.
On our M5 Plus model carbine is standard.The sharp figure has been created to match perfectly to the design of the ADC handguard.It is made of high quality steel and subjected to heat treatments in order to make the non-stick surface to gunpowder residues.Thread 1/2×28
Recoil Buffer for AK47 and Clones
Delivery 2-3 working days
Polymer recoil buffer fits on the bolt spring to reduce bolt slap, felt recoil, and overall wear and tear.
Provides a cushion that prevents the bolt from making contact with the receiver to reduce wear on both components. Installs easily over rear of spring assembly; no permanent modifications to rifle required.Features:• Reduces Bolt Wear• Reduce Receiver Wear• Less Felt Recoil• Good for at least 5,000 firing cycles.Specifications:• Material: Polymer• Color: Black• Length: 13 mm• Width: 24 mm• Height: 32 mm• Fits all models of AK-47, Sayga, Vepr, Mak-90, Galil, Valmet and others.
Safety Selector for AK models - Extended Custom Guns 00485
Delivery 2-3 working days
Custom Guns 00485 Extended Safety Selector for AK modelsCompatibility:
• AKM, AKMS, AK-74 (S, M), AK-100 series, AKSU.• Saiga 9, Saiga M, Saiga 410;• VPO-133, -136, -209, -123, -132, -139;• RPK, RPK-74 and -74M;• SOK-94, -95, -97, -98.
Weight: 35 gMaterial: AluminiumManufacturer: Armacon