Belts and suspenders

M-Tac Attachment With Carabiner
The M-Tac carabiner attachment is designed to attach additional items to a backpack, plate carrier, body armor, belt or any other equipment with a MOLLE interface.
The carabiner clasp opens inward with one push of a finger and allows you to securely hold items from it. The hook-and-loop fastener ensures a tight fit, which can be adjusted in size if necessary.
  The carabiner itself is of minimal weight and compact dimensions, so it will not appreciably add weight or take up much space in your equipment. Attaches to MOLLE slings with Velcro.
M-Tac Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt Gen.II
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The military tactical belt is ideal for military personnel , practical shooters and those who lead an active lifestyle. The Cobra Buckle Tactical Belt can be used as a tactical pant or pistol belt. This accessory consists of an inner ( 40mm ) and outer ( 25mm ) nylon webbing, making it quite sturdy. The outer strap features a molle interface that allows you to securely attach additional equipment to the belt. Fastens with a black Cobra 25mm military-grade buckle from Austrialpin, which can withstand even the most extreme loads. It closes quickly and can be easily unfastened by simultaneously pressing the side latches. The free edge of the strap is secured with Velcro. This product is resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. 
M-Tac Pistol Belt
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
M-Tac nylon belt with plastic buckle . The advantage of this belt is the fact that it’s possible to open the buckle with one hand - which theoretically enables a wounded soldier to independently get rid of unnecessary pieces of gear. This belt is a replica of the belt that was part of the American BSS ( Belt Shoulder System ), known as A.L.I.C.E . (All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment), which was adopted by the US Army in early 80 's . It can also serve as a simple belt, even if you do not have any pouches. Just keep in mind, that this belt is a bit wider, than regular trouser belts ( 5.5cm ), so check the size of your trouser loops before buying. Material: 100% polyester Belt Width: 5.5 cm
M-Tac Range Belt Cobra Buckle
Pristatymas 2-3 d.d
A military tactical belt ideal for solders, sports shooters and other people with an active lifestyle. The Range Belt Cobra Buckle can also be used as a pistol belt. It's very convenient at shooting ranges or firing field., you can attach spare magazines, dump pouch, walkie-talkie, first-aid kit, or cover for a flashlight or a knife, etc. M-Tac Range Belt Cobra Buckle Two-Piece Belt - Consists of an inner and outer (rigid) belt adjustable in size. The inner belt is made of a thin strap (40mm) with an external Velcro. Adjustable in size with WJ buckle for fixation and anti-slip. External belt consists of Texcel nylon straps (50 mm) with 2 mm thick plastic inside for rigidity. The inner side consists of plastic Velcro-hooks for fixing with an inner belt, which doesn't crumble on the textil.
M-Tac Shoulder Straps for tactical belt Elite
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M-Tac shoulder straps are designed to attach to a tactical belt and can significantly increase the comfort of the belt. They are made from dense MIL-SPEC webbing and are adjustable in length with buckles. This allows the belt to be adjusted to a comfortable height during use. The shoulder straps have 4 attachment points to evenly distribute the load on the shoulders. This also helps to provide additional support when using heavier harnesses on the belt. The Elite tactical belt shoulder straps are sure to be of interest to fans of modern tactical equipment.
M-Tac Shoulder Straps for tactical belt Laser Cut
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Shoulder straps from M-Tac are designed to be attached to a tactical belt and can significantly increase comfort when carrying a large amount of equipment. The straps are made of Cordura Squadron using Laser Cut technology. On the straps, the designers of the brand provided a MOLLE interface, which makes it possible to attach additional gear. They are adjustable in length with the help of special buckles that allow you to adjust the belt to a height that will be convenient for use. The shoulder straps have 4 attachment points for an even distribution of the load on the shoulders. They also help to provide additional support for the belt when the equipment is heavily overhanging. Please note that this model is available in two sizes: Long and Regular.
M-Tac War Belt ARMOR
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The tactical belt “War Belt Armor” from M-Taс is an important element of a modern fighter’s equipment. This model allows you to combine an individual unloading system for specific combat tasks. War Belt Armor is made of Cordura 500D, a durable material resistant to abrasion and high loads. Pouches are easily attached to the belt using the MOLLE interface made of MIL-SPEC webbing. The belt fastens with a buckle from Woojin, the world leader in the production of accessories. In this model, the designers have provided a special pocket where the belt can be adjusted to size using internal straps. The damping mesh on the inside reduces the possibility of pressure and provides good ventilation. Due to its anatomical shape, the tactical belt does not fall off during active movement.
M-Tac War Belt Laser cut
Pristatymas iki 15 d.d
The tactical war belt from the M-Tac brand is a new version of the belt-shoulder system and an important element of the equipment of a modern fighter. This model allows you to combine an individual unloading system for specific combat tasks. The War Belt is made of high-quality Cordura 500D material - a super-durable fabric that is resistant to abrasion and high loads. The front panel is made of modern polymer composite using Laser Cut technology. The material has exceptional resistance to abrasion, strength, and durability. The belt has an anatomical shape and a rigid frame, which ensures comfort during movements. A damping mesh is provided on the inside, which reduces the likelihood of pressure and provides good ventilation. Pouches are easily attached to the belt using the Molle.
MIWO MILITARY Insulating mat MS-1
Delivery 2-3 working days
The MS-1 insulating mat is a simple solution to a problem faced by anyone who has conducted tactical operations at least once and was forced to sit down in random terrain. In such a situation, the cold from the ground (especially when wet) causes great discomfort. The remedy for this is the MS-1 insulating mat, which, thanks to its simple structure, minimal weight and optimally selected dimensions, is easy to transport and always at hand. The mat is carried under the lower edge of the equipment. When it is time to use, simply undo the buckle, and the mat unfolds.
Made from cordura.
- length: 41 cm- width: 36 cm
Delivery 2-3 working days
THIGH PANEL, MEDIUM designed to increase the soldier's ability to carry equipment. Any pouches and other elements of equipment can be mounted on the panel. The MOLLE fastening system ensures secure and stable fastening. The inner surface of the panel is covered with a mesh that provides ventilation and prevents the panel from slipping and moving on the leg.
The carrying system is based on the main carrying strap attached to the belt with a fastex buckle. This solution provides the possibility of removing the panel without the need to unfasten the belt. There is a strap around the thigh with an elastic drawstring to keep the panel close to the thigh. The strap is adjustable and fastened with a fastex buckle.
The medium leg panel dimensions:
height: 28 cm.
width (at the base): 22 cm.